Smiley Faces

Because you can't see the person who you're chatting with, you are sometimes uncertain whether they are serious or joking. If you look at the three characters :-) they look sort of like a smiling face. Here's a few other faces.

:-) Happy :+) Large nose
:-( Sad :-D Laughing
d:-p Adolescent ;-} Leer/leering
#:-0 Ahh! (-: Left-handed
* :-o Alarmed! :d Licking lips
(|:-# American football player :-X Lips are sealed
%-} Amused :-{} Lipstick
0:-) Angel >:-( Mad
:-@ Angry #:-) Matted hair
O-) Aquanaut <]:-) Member of the royal family
C):-O Barbershop quartet member @= Message about nuclear war
d:-) Baseball player :-# Moustache
:-)# Beard :-0 No yelling!
%+| Beaten up :c) Nose very large
:-D Blabber mouth :-] Obnoxious
!-( Black eye :-o Oh!
:-* Blowing a kiss #-) Partied all night
:P Blowing a raspberry :-/ Perplexed or skeptical
:-)X Bow tie :8) Pig
:-# Braces q:-) Rapper
~= Candle |-) Ray-bans
}:-< Cat :[ Real downer
*:o) Clown |-p Revolted
:-D Comedy |-] Robocop
%-) Confused 4:-) Sailor
|-( Lost contact lenses :( Sad
3:-) Cow :-] Sarcastic
X-) Cross-eyed :-@ Screaming
C):-) Cowboy :o Shocked
:-[ Critical :-V Shouting
:,( Crying :-/ Skeptical
:`/ Crying :-Z Sleeping
X-( Dead :-) Smiley
:-> Devilish grin (heavy sarcasm) ;-) Winky smiley
:-| Disgusted :-( Frowning smiley
:-)~ Drooling :-I Indifferent smiley
.\/ Duck :-v Speaking
#-) Exhausted after partying all night (:-) Soldier
%') Finished off a fifth for lunch :-p Sticking out their tongue
:-! Foot in Mouth :-T Straight faced
8) Frog B-) Sunglasses
:-( Frown :-O Surprised
:-X Giving you a big wet kiss 8-) Swimmer
8-) Gorilla :-T Tight lipped
Q:-) Graduate :-P Tongue
:-) Happy :-& Tongue tied
<:-)` Hero X-) Unconscious
:-I Hmmm... :-/ Undecided
;-S I kind of like it :-( Unhappy
(:I An egghead :-[ Vampire
8-) A nerd d:-) Wearing a cap
:-H Missing teeth
:-] A blockhead
:-[ An unhappy blockhead
o:-) Is a pea-brain
:-C Jaw hit floor
d:-) Jockey
:-T Keeping a straight face
:-X Kiss
:* Kisses


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