To Start and Registration

Join a community that catches your interest the most. After selecting the community, click on a chat room. When you get to the applet, please allow it at least a minute to load. If it is not loading, please try again later. When it load just enter your nickname and click connect. Then start chatting!

Nickname Registration

Nickname registration is beneficial to everyone who frequently uses our chat rooms . When you register your nickname, you will be prompted for your password every time you try to use it. This means anyone that doesn't know your password won't be able to use your nickname.

To register a nickname, you must first change your nickname to the one you want to register. To do this you must type /NICK desired-nickname. For example if you wanted to register the nick Mike, you would first have to type: /NICK Mike

Now that you have changed your nickname, it's time to register it. Find your nickname in the nickname list on the right side of the chat. Double click it, and a new window will pop up. Simply enter a password into the text box and click the register button. It will then proceed to the next screen where you can store information about yourself in your profile. Your profile will be viewable to all users whether you are online or offline. Once finished entering your information, click OK and the registration process is complete!

When logging on to our chats, you must now type your nickname and your password. If you don't type your password a window will pop up and you will be able to enter it there. Note: Be sure you write down your password so you don't forget it. We can't give out lost nickname passwords.


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